Salford Sonic Fusion Festival celebrates cutting-edge international explorations in contemporary music from across the globe and blurs the boundaries between avant-garde classical, experimental electronic popular and improvised music. Events on 3-4 April included acousmatic and audiovisual works by MANTIS composers using a 48-loudspeaker sound system a one of [...]

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MapNav is a Geolocation Engine for Unity3D and a powerful tool to develop map-based mobile apps and games, including 2d/3d object geolocation and GPS navigation.

Version 1.2 is now compatible and has been tested with MapQuest Open Services (OpenStreetMaps) and Google Maps.

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Sonic Automata v1.1

On November 16, 2013 By

Following the premiere of the generative piece “Singularity” for cellular automata, I am happy to release an interactive demo of the  Sonic Automata (spatial concatenative synthesis) which I developed while working on this piece. Please feel free to play with it and make some crunchy noises!*

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One the events of the 20th edition of Festival Punto de Encuentro was celebrated last 9 Nov 2013 in Málaga, Spain. Organised by the Spanish Electrocoustic Music Association (AMEE) and the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Málaga, the event included a conference on Sound Art and a multichannel concert featuring acousmatic, mixed and audiovisual pieces.


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SonicMaps presentation at the International Computer Music Conference 2013 in Perth, Australia.

The original paper can be found here.


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Locative Audio 2013

On April 23, 2013 By

Locativeaudio 2013 is a collaborative project including simultaneous soundwalks, and interactive works exploring geolocative audio and media in the urban context. The following video documents the soundwalk that took place in Málaga, Spain, where the SonicMaps app was successfully tested, featuring poems and electroacustic pieces by 33 local artists.


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I have just released my first mobile application for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad):


SonicMaps is a Locative Audio (GPS AudioTour) platform and complete solution for sound geolocation.

Create an audio guide to a popular place, a located music composition/playlist, audio games, located poetry, or simply send geolocated audio messages to other users.

Upload your [...]

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AudioMostly, a conference on interaction with sound, was celebrated in Corfu(Greece) on 26-28 Sept. 2012 in co-operation with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).
The conference themes over the past years varied, covering scientific and creative areas such as “Sound in Games”, “Interaction with Sound”, “Sound and Motion”, “Sound and Design” and “Sound and [...]

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30 October 14.00 MANTIS composers and guests

Including new works by NOVARS artist-in-residence David Eagle (Canada) and MANTIS composers

For more information:

Autoverso /Mantis Festival

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Opensim Pre-launch

On October 11, 2011 By

 The NOVARS Game Technology for Interactive and Social Media Group was pre-launched on OpenSim. PhD student at NOVARSIgnacio Pecino launches our first virtual research group, assissted by music technician Andy Davison. This group is born with the aim to serve as a collaborative platform for future partners in the academic field and industry with an [...]

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