Virtual Piano WebGL App

Recursive Arts Virtual Piano is an ultra-realistic musical keyboard with intelligent auto-accompaniment of popular songs. This Web app is compatible with most modern browsers supporting WebGL. No additional plugins are required.

3D modeling and lighting was performed using Blender. Interaction was implemented using the Unity Game Engine.

It can be played at

Recursive Arts Virtual Piano

Recursive Arts Virtual Piano features two separate Key Mappings for the computer keyboard, although it can also be played using the mouse. The MAX (maximum) mapping provides access to the full 5 octaves of the piano by using the ‘Shift’ modifier key to play any black piano key. The REAL (realistic) mapping emulates a real piano keyboard layout, offering faster and direct access to black keys without having to press the Shift modifier key.

Thanks to its flexible and automated accompaniment mode, user can focus on the melodic line while the AI system keeps up with the user’s tempo.

It currently includes many popular pieces such as:
1. “Gymnopedie n.1” by Erik Satie (Difficulty: Beginner)
2. “Pavane pour une infante défunte” by Maurice Ravel (Difficulty: Medium)
3. “Rêverie” by Claude Debussy (Difficulty: Medium-Pro)

Songs can be loaded into the piano using links from the website’s songs section.