MapNav – Geolocation Toolkit for Unity3D

 NOVEMBER 20, 2013
A maps implementation for Unity 3D including GPS navigation and 3D content geo-location. It can be used to develop map-based games and applications for iOS, Android, PC and Mac Standalone. It is an evolution of the SonicMaps geo-location engine. Version 1.2 is now compatible and has been tested with MapQuest Open Services (OpenStreetMaps) and Google Maps.
Click on the image to access the  MapNav official page  (demo video).

SonicMaps – Locative Audio

 NOVEMBER 16, 2012
SonicMaps is a Locative Audio (GPS AudioTour) platform and complete solution for sound geolocation.

Using a mobile app (iOS/Android), users can populate places with their own sounds and listen to them as they walk using a GPS-based tracking system. The resulting sound-walks can be published online and shared with other users via the SonicMaps public database.

Map data ©2013 Google

A non-commercial version including a location data streaming module (via OSC protocol) was also developed in order to connect urban spaces with  remote concert hall experiences and installations, e.g.  Ivica Ico Bukvic’s KinesthesiaThis system was presented at the ICMC 2013 conference in Perth, Australia in collaboration with Ricardo Climent. (paper available here

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Main Features
✓ 3D Audio Engine
✓ “On-Site” editing using your iPhone/iPad
✓ Easy project publishing and sharing
✓ GPS tracking . Sounds are activated as you walk
✓ “Wi-Fi Preload / Progressive 3G” download options


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