The IX Symposium takes places every year at the Society of Arts and Technologies of Montreal. This year’s edition focused on sound as an essencial element for creating convincing immersive experiences. At the core of SAT we can find the Satosphere, a 11 m tall hemisphere featuring 8 projectors and 157 loudspeakers, where I had the opportunity to perform my procedural composition “Boids” with an unprecedent sense of immersion. As a part of the programmed workshops, I was also invited to provide some hands-on experience on how Unity and SuperCollider can be used together for the real time sonification of 3D spatial/kinematic information in procedural composition (“Recursive and Emergent Systems as Spatial Virtual Instruments for Procedural Composition using Game Engines”), which connects strongly with Zack Settel’s approach to “Object-Audio” and the new implementations of procedural audio suggested by the creators of Heavy.


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