“SonicMaps Editor 1.3.8” Released (iOS)

I have just released my first mobile application for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad):


SonicMaps is a Locative Audio (GPS AudioTour) platform and complete solution for sound geolocation.

Create an audio guide to a popular place, a located music composition/playlist, audio games, located poetry, or simply send geolocated audio messages to other users.

Upload your audio files to your favourite hosting service, go to the desired location and start placing sounds around using the SonicMaps Editor iOS application. Then, you can easily publish and share your project with other users who will be able to experience your composition as they walk on the selected location.

Using the 3D audio engine option, sounds can be fixed to real world positions, so they are consistently perceived into space while rotating your device (panning) and levels are attenuated according to distance (intensity).

SonicMaps uses “on-site” editing, avoiding common inaccuracy problems in similar web-based services due to high buildings, maps displacements, etc.


✓ 3D Audio Engine
✓ “On-Site” editing using your iPhone/iPad
✓ Easy project publishing and sharing
✓ GPS tracking . Sounds are activated as you walk

Official Website:   sonicmaps.org